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Community Groups are an essential part of FiCB’s ministry in Berkeley. The goal of each FiCB Community Group is to:

  1. Be led by a team committed to leading, shepherding, equipping and organizing a Gospel-Community in Berkeley.
  2. Grow together by understanding and applying the Gospel.  To know “who we are” (Identity) because of God’s work in and through Jesus.
  3. Live out our Identity because of the Gospel.  To know “what we ought to do” (Imperative) with our family on mission together in Berkeley.


Objectives and Structure of Community Groups
Sunday Community Groups at Christ Central

  • Sunday Community Group seeks to use the time after a worship service for spiritual education, which results in an interactive Bible study or topical teaching series.

Midweek Meetings in Berkeley

  • Midweek Meetings put in priority on Word Based fellowship within the body at Berkeley, which results in teaching, accountability and an emphasis on Bible application.
  • The Community Group model also elevates missional engagement at Berkeley, which results in an open and outward-focused atmosphere.
  • Components of Midweek Meetings: Prayer, Lesson, Accountability

Community Group Leaders

Alice Park DSC_2864 DSC_2865

  1. Born in Eugene, Oregon
  2. Major: Cognitive Science
  3. Hobbies: dancing, watching Korean dramas, laughing
  4. Passion in life: Anything to do with music
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: Seeing someone I love being touched by the Holy Spirit
  6. Favorite YouTube video: Too many, but “aww”-inducing kind of motivating video of a dog being rescued from a puppy mill

Elaine ChaeDSC_2820DSC_2803

  1. Born in L.A., grew up in Diamond Bar/Chino Hills
  2. Major: Public Health
  3. Hobbies: visiting new places, Googling diseases, cleaning
  4. Passion in life: Promoting women’s health and helping friends/family/myself be happy and positive
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: At the end of my junior year, after having been angry at God and doubting his faithfulness and my belief for a long time, I was almost about to leave FiCB, the church, and “give up” Christianity. But then He made see and recognize his grace and feel his peace so clearly, that instead of just feeling guilty and repenting and wanting to go back to church, I felt really excited to be a Christian. This sounds cliche, but I actually felt “alive.” This is probably one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to be a community group leader this year.
  6. Favorite YouTube video: I can’t think of just an individual video that’s my favorite, but I really like: bobaepapa, Bubzvlogz, Domics, the video “Two Chips,” and any pregnancy, puppy, or “welcome home” surprises… and squeezing/pulling pimples or maggots out of skin, nose, and ears heheheh

 Ashley KangDSC_2816DSC_2791

  1. Born in L.A.
  2. Major: Public Health & MCB
  3. Hobbies: cooking, baking, reading, volleyball, shopping (aka retail therapy), DIY, hanging out with friends, practicing lettering
  4. Passion in life: Jesus (duh), traveling the world, #foodstagram, ice cream!!
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: College has been a tough growing process for me in that I’ve experienced emotions/phases that I have never experienced before. I’m super thankful to have had my discipler/big sib (shameless plug for FiSib) through both the joyous and dark moments of my life. Through her guidance, I’ve been learning what it means to be assured of my identity in Christ, even amidst the “abysses of life” where everything seems hopeless – all the more why I need Christ. Without her, I would not be where I am (spiritually) today and through Christ’s grace as well as her patience, love, and care, I have grown tremendously as a Christian (but with a lot more growing to do!)
  6. Favorite YouTube vide: Puppy Can’t Get Up + Puppy Finally Makes It!! (it’s an inside joke between my sister and I – yeah I’m lame)

Rachel Song DSC_2805DSC_2810

  1. Born in Garden Grove, California
  2. Major: Philosophy and Political Economy
  3. Hobbies: sleeping, eating, hanging out with friends, Netflix
  4. Passion in life: I want to give the power of the law to those that have no power to change their surroundings. I’m super interested in prison reforms and changing drug laws right now
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: Mine actually started right before college with the admissions process. I had prepared my entire junior high and high school career to going to an East Coast school and had applied to about 11 of them. I thought that God’s plan for me was to go the East Coast since my focus for college was so directed to that part of the U.S. I could not be more wrong. I was rejected from most of those colleges and had gained admission to more West Coast universities, including Berkeley. After much prayer, I put my trust in God and firmly set in my decision to go to Berkeley thinking that it must be His plan for me to attent there. It was possibly the best decision that I made in my life. Through this decision, I found CCPC, which directly challenged and fostered my faith. I also experienced a close group of Christians concerned on my spiritual walk and willing to share their experiences simply to help me grow my faith. I could not be more thankful and blessed with my experience to go to Berkeley, and to be a part of FiCB and CCPC. I hope that you also find a greater glorifying experience that I have had the honor to hold.
  6. Favorite YouTube video: Super cute sloth squeak!

DSC_2798 DSC_2795Andrew Song

  1. Born in L.A., raised in the Yay Area
  2. Major: MCB & Spanish
  3. Hobbies: soccer, scooping ice cream, and lifting
  4. Passion in life: Taco’s and Jesus
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: Realizing that God has a plan for me, and that all I need to do is trust in Him.
  6. Favorite YouTube video Lionel Messi montages, Pat Cruz dance videos, and anything from Christian Guzman or Steve Cook

Kenny HahnDSC_2792

  1. Born in L.A., raised in the (714) Fullerton, CA
  2. Major: Public Health
  3. Hobbies: biking, swimming, hiking, brewing coffee, making smoothies, reading a good book, photography
  4. Passion in life: health and health care – specifically, caring for and advocating on behalf of those who are underserved; food!; binge watching TV shows
  5. Pivotal Christian moment in college: Finding a church/fellowship during freshman year and digging deep into what I believed in and why. Reading The Reason for God by Tim Keller. Having a Christian book club with an older brother and sister.
  6. Favorite YouTube vide: pretty much anything on the You Suck at Cooking channel


If you would like to be placed into a community group, click HERE to sign up!