community groups

Community Groups are an essential part of FiCB’s ministry in Berkeley. The goal of each FiCB Community Group is to:

  1. Be led by a team committed to leading, shepherding, equipping and organizing a Gospel-Community in Berkeley.
  2. Grow together by understanding and applying the Gospel.  To know “who we are” (Identity) because of God’s work in and through Jesus.
  3. Live out our Identity because of the Gospel.  To know “what we ought to do” (Imperative) with our family on mission together in Berkeley.

Objectives and Structure of Community Groups:

  • Midweek Meetings put in priority on Word Based fellowship within the body at Berkeley, which results in teaching, accountability and an emphasis on Bible application.
  • The Community Group model also elevates missional engagement at Berkeley, which results in an open and outward-focused atmosphere.
  • Components of Midweek Meetings: Prayer, Lesson, Accountability

Community Group Leaders:

  • 2018-2019 Leaders TBA
If you would like to be placed into a community group, … wait a little longer! Sign ups for 2018-2019 will begin when the school year starts!