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Finding your Christian Fellowship – The Priority & The Pains

Hello and thanks for stopping by Fellowship in Christ Berkeley (FiCB). If you are new to Berkeley, new to the idea of “Christian Fellowships,” or even new to Christianity in general, I personally want to welcome you and would love to take this opportunity to […]

Summer FiCB LG – Sharing Long Walks Together

You know those personal ads that say “Looking for…Down-to-earth guy/girl, who enjoys long walks on the beach,” or, I’m the only one?  For the record, I do not rummage through the classifieds for ‘casual encounters,’ or subscribed to any online-dating sites…(yet), but I am certain over 99.99% of people enjoy […]

Summer FiCB: Sharing Life Together

“Sharing is Caring!” – Have you said that to someone recently? Typically over your friend’s order of french fries, or your roommate’s fresh baked cookies? Or, perhaps it was a phrase ingrained in you as a child when it came to your precious toys, or video-games. In either […]

“School’s Out for Summer…”

And for others…“School’s out Foreva!” (Congratulations to the class of 2014)! There are songs in our lives that takes us back. For me without fail, Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” was the official summer anthem during my high school years (now that takes me waaaayyy back). If you aren’t familiar […]

2014 Resolutions – A ‘Make it’ or ‘Break it’ year?

Hey FiCB! Can you believe its already 2014? This means I have approximately less than 12 hours to lose 10 pounds, finish reading the rest of the Old Testament, know my Greek and Hebrew paradigms and eat more salads.  Whether you’re like me, reflecting on […]

Thanksgiving Special: A Recipe for Disaster

Happy Thanksgiving FiCB! What brings me to the blog on Thanksgiving day? Because I’m absolutely worthless in the kitchen. On a holiday where cooking and consuming is primarily one’s identity (and activity), I have a mini existential crisis because I’m terrible at both. Don’t get […]

A Quick Post on Vocation & Calling.

A farmer once said, “The hardest thing about milking cows, is that they never stay milked.” Let’s put this in your context, “The hardest thing about being a student, is that you never stop learning.”  Those of you who are in the thick of midterms, […]

Who is this King of Glory? – Show Your Work!

“Show Your Work!” Do you remember these words scribbled on your math and/or physics exams? Probably not, because you are all brilliant students attending Cal Berkeley. But unlike all of you friends, I was not the sharpest knife in the drawer so to speak. In […]

Who is this King of Glory in my doubt?

Greetings from New York, FiCB! What am I doing in “The Big Apple?” The KCPC pastoral staff is having our little annual reunion to celebrate Pastor Ben’s birthday. And it just so happens that his favorite thing to do is have church meetings called Presbytery. You can […]

Who is this King of Glory?

*Welcome Back FiCB and Happy First Day of School!* Well…Whether or not you’re excited about the academic year starting up again, you can always find something refreshing about a new semester.  Clean slate.  Better expectations.  Higher goals.  New teachers and friends.  Or if you were […]