The FiCB Officers are here to serve the ministry by caring for the welfare of its members.  They work together under the guidance of the Christ Central pastors and deacons to make administrative decisions, plan all ministry wide events, and liaison to individuals and smaller groups within FiCB.  They are constantly available, accessible, and willing to serve you.  Most importantly, the officers are always here to encourage you and support you in your spiritual walk throughout your time at Berkeley.



Kathleen Yi

Kathleen Yi is a third year from Los Angeles, CA majoring in Economics. Coming into college with an unsure heart about her christian faith, she found her way back to God through the love and care of the ministry. As an officer, she is hoping to grow spiritually with others and unify the fellowship in the love for Christ. During her free time, she enjoys taking risky adventures or day-dreaming about returning to Europe.







Hojin Lee

Hojin Lee was born in Korea and grew up in Fullerton, California. He transferred to UC Berkeley from Mt. SAC and is currently studying Economics. He enjoys hanging out with friends, eating good food, and singing praise songs. He hopes to become a mature Christian and a faithful servant for the Lord.







Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee is a fourth year UC Berkeley student majoring in Economics. She’s from the sunny SoCal city of Chino Hills. Being a part of FiCB since her freshman year, she has grown tremendously in her walk with God and has truly come to love the fellowship and the church. As coordinator, she hopes to serve faithfully by having an open ear and heart to members of the ministry and to witness God’s grace through everyday life. She prays that FiCB will be a place where God’s love is evident and overflowing. She enjoys long walks on the beach and all that jazz.






Jennifer Park
Internal Liason

Jennifer Park was born in the Bay Area and grew up in Danville, CA. She is a student at UC Berkeley and is currently studying Economics. She has previously served as the Freshman Mom to the Class of 2017, an experience that has shown her the importance and the joy that comes from serving God’s people. As an officer this year, she hopes to continue growing alongside the ministry in love and in God’s word.







Andrew Song
Internal Liason

Andrew Song was born in Los Angeles, CA, but grew up in the Yay Area suburb, San Ramon. He is currently a MCB/Spanish Double Major with an intended minor in Linguistics. In his free time, Andrew loves to play soccer, basketball, and football, but also enjoys reading. This year in FiCB, he hopes to see and understand the depth of God’s heart for His Bride.






For any questions or concerns regarding our fellowship, contact our officers using the form below and they will get back to you as soon as possible!