FiCB Summer Announcements: 07/30

…..Here are your announcements for the week! ✨ (there are quite a few this week…..)

>> Large Group TOMORROW @109 Dwinelle, 7:30PM
Our theme for the summer is "D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) – The 'How To's' of Christian Growth." Come out and seek what the Lord has to teach you over the weeks to come. It'll be a great time of worship and fellowship. We'd love to see you come out! Please make an effort come on time! Berkeley time is NOT IN EFFECT. (bad habit!)
P.S. 109 Dwinelle will be our LG location for the rest of the summer 
P.P.S Our very own pastoral intern HOJIN will be teaching so don't miss out!
>>Summer CGs 
Summer CG's are almost coming to an end… BUT if you have yet to sign up for CGs, please SIGN UP HERE !!!! It'll be lots of fun heh ? 

>>Volunteers Needed For Welcome Night
As you guys all may (or may not know), Welcome Night is fast approaching (Fri, 09/04) and we're looking for volunteers to help us out! SIGN UP HERE if you'd like to help out! Maybes are welcome too ?

>>CCPC Women's Ministry
The CCPC Women's Ministry is holding a few events in the near future, so be sure to mark your calendars. Stay tuned for more info! 
August 22: Tea Party!! SIGN UP HERE
September 25-26: CCPC Women's Retreat SIGN UP HERE
>>Talk Shop This Sun, 08/02 @11:45AM
Instead of dungeon time, we'll be heading down to the choir room after lunch to hear from YAG/Married Couples about various topics. Stay tuned! 
>>Summer Sessions: The Sola Series, Wed, 08/05 @7:20PM
"Sola" Series: Together we Stand ALONE. Summer Sessions have already started last Wednesday and will continue until 08/26. 7 week series that will revisit the fundamental teachings of Reformed Theology to help believers draw their attention back to theological roots that continue to ground their Christian faith. Come for the teaching, stay for the fellowship! For more information, please contact Pastor In at [email protected]
>>CCPC Charity Bowl
If you are interested in playing in the 2015 CCPC Charity Bowl please register here: Charity Bowl Registration 
Now – August 8 : $25 Minimum donation for Students/Not Employed 
August 9 – September 7 : $35 Minimum donation for Students/Not Employed 
For more information, please contact Tammy Kim at [email protected]
*** Reminder: Church starts at 9:50am on Sundays, not 10am. 

1) If you haven't already, Summer CG: SIGN UP HERE!
2) LG @109 Dwinelle, 7:30 PM. DON'T BE LATEEE
3) Volunteers needed for Welcome Night: SIGN UP HERE
4) CCPC Women's Ministry: Tea Party (08/22) SIGN UP HERE || Retreat (09/25-26) SIGN UP HERE
5) CCPC Charity Bowl: Charity Bowl Registration 
6) Talk Shop This Sunday 
7) Summer Sessions

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