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Not a problem. I'll introduce you too more people in your class and in the ministry so you can get plugged in as fast as you can. 

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:37 AM, Ju-A Son <[email protected]> wrote:

Awesome. Thanks so much again. We will be there Friday for sure! Could I also get your phone number to contact you once we arrive to campus? Thank you so so much!

On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 11:30 AM, Christ Central College <[email protected]> wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me. We don't really have people commuting from the City to Berkeley on the midweeks. But, I will definitely ask regarding the commute from Richmond District to church on Sunday and get back to you as soon as possible. 

This Friday for Large Group we will be meeting at 7:30pm and this Friday is a little different in that the sophomore class has a retreat this Friday and Saturday. So, the rest of the ministry will be watching the documentary Nefarious for LG. The location has not been determined yet, but I will get you on our email list serve for the announcements. Hope to see you this Friday and I'll be introducing you to your CG leader if you come. 

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 10:06 PM, Ju-A Son <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for being so welcoming on Sunday. Celina and I both feel that Thursday nights would work best for us. Sadly not this Thursday. We are not too sure if we will be making it to every Thursday due to the commute however, we will try our best. We are also interested in joining large groups on Friday could we get more information on that too? 
I know this may be a stretch but do you know of anyone who commutes from the City to Berkeley? Or anyone who commutes from the Richmond District to church on Sundays? 
Thank you so much. We are excited to be part of this family. 
Very respectfully,
Ju-A Son 

On Mon, Mar 2, 2015 at 3:00 PM, Christ Central College <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Ju-A & Celina!

We hope you were blessed this Sunday, that you were feed by the Word and that you received your Sabbath rest. Apologies for this email being sent late. 
I wanted to welcome you both to Christ Central and give you some information regarding our church. Most of this information will be recap, but as you know church service begins at 9:50am, after service we have lunch together in the fellowship hall. After lunch FiCB (Fellowship in Christ Berkeley), the college ministry, goes down to the multipurpose room downstairs and have a time of sermon discussion. Most of the college students are from the Berkeley area, however, we do have community groups in the city as well. Community group is a time for members of our church to meet together during the midweek to fellowship, to have sermon discussion, and have a time of accountability. 
As I've told you before FiCB's CGs meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday around 8pm and usually lasts about an 1.5-2 hours. Let me know which day works best for you and if you can come this week and I'll let the CG leader know. Looking forward to seeing you again and hope you have a blessed week!
In Him,
Sharon Lee

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