FiCB Announcements for the Week of 03/06

February 6: Large Group TONIGHT @ 2040 LVSB | 7:15PM*

This Large Group will be quite different than a normal LG. We will be watching "Nefarious", and have a bit of fun fellowshipping with one another!

Please come & join us!

*LG will begin right after sophomore send off, so we can try to finish watching the documentary by 9PM!

March 1-8: Officer Nomination

This will a chance for FiCB members to nominate potential candidates to become next year's officers who can lead our fellowship!

Nomination process will take place for two weeks, and a nomination form will be posted on "FiCB Says" facebook page.

The nomination form will close at 7PM!

Nomination Form

March 6: Junior-Officer Dinner Hangout @ Pieology | 5PM!

Dinner at Pielogy, Hangout at Memorial Glade, & Walk together to Sophomore Sendoff!

March 6-7: Sophomore Retreat @ CCPC | 6:30PM*

*sophomore send off will be at the VLSB circle at 6:30pm!

Transpo vans will leave 7PM sharp from Berkeley!

Things to Bring:



Sleeping Bags

Toiletries( ie. toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, etc….)

Extra blanket or Pillow


Comfortable Tennis Shoes

Bring board games, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, frisbees, etc. if you want to use them during free time.

March 14: Officer Interviews 

March 23-25: Senior Class Retreat @ TBA

Handy Dandy FYIs:

BYOB("Bring Your Own Bible")

If you have a break in between classes or just feel like hangin' out with these cool peeps to read the word together…JOIN THEM!

Paul Cho | MWF | 12PM  | Milano* 

Solomon Kim | TuTh | 10AM | Milano*

*locations may vary time to time. Please check FICB Says for updates.

Office Hours @Cafe Milano* & Sharon

Mondays | 3-5:00PM


Tuesday | 6-8:00PM


Wednesday | 7-8:30pm

Kathleen & Andrew

Thursday | 6-8/7-9PM

*This semester we have scheduled off an hour of Pastor In's office hours for one-on-ones for those that would like to chat with him. We'll be releasing a doodle every month for you all to sign up. 

Transpo Times to Christ Central on Sundays

If you need a ride to CCPC, our Transpo Team provides transportation to and from church!

CKC      | 8:45AM | Horseshoe

Unit 3    | 8:50 AM| Durant Side 

Foothill | 8:55 AM| Hearst & Piedmont

Unit 1    | 9:00AM | Channing Side

Reminder: Church begins on 9:50am on Sunday!

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