Nice To Meet You On Sunday!

Hi Jeanne,

We met briefly this past Sunday. This is Sharon from Christ Central Presbyterian Church. I just wanted to welcome you to Christ Central and give you some information regarding our church. As you know church service begins at 9:50am, after service we have lunch together in the fellowship hall. After lunch the college students go down to the multipurpose room downstairs and have a time of sermon discussion. Most of the college students are from the Berkeley area, however, we do have community groups in the city as well. Community group is a time for members of our church to meet together during the midweek to fellowship, to have sermon discussion, and have a time of accountability. If you would like to join a community group, please let me know and I'll find one that is closest to you. I look forward to seeing you again and hope you have a blessed week!
In Him,
Sharon Lee

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