FiCB Announcements for the Week of 02/27


February 27: Large Group TONIGHT @ 103 GPB | 7:30PM

February 28: Brother's Appreciation Night @ CCPC | 6PM

Time to show some appreciation for our brothers in FiCB through a great night of food, fellowship, and fun!

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March 1-14: Officer Nomination

This will a chance for FiCB members to nominate potential candidates to become next year's officers who can lead our fellowship!

Nomination process will take place for two weeks, and a nomination form will be posted on "FiCB Says" facebook page.

More Info to Come!

March 6-7: Sophomore Retreat @ CCPC | 6:30PM*

*sophomore send off will be at the VLSB circle at 6:30pm!

Transpo vans will leave 7PM sharp from Berkeley!

March 14: Officer Interviews 

March 23-25: Senior Class Retreat @ TBA

Handy Dandy FYIs:

BYOB("Bring Your Own Bible")

If you have a break in between classes or just feel like hangin' out with these cool peeps to read the word together…JOIN THEM!

Paul Cho | MWF | 12PM  | Milano* 

Solomon Kim | TuTh | 10AM | Milano*

*locations may vary time to time. Please check FICB Says for updates.

Office Hours @Cafe Milano* & Sharon

Mondays | 3-5:00PM


Tuesday | 6-8:00PM


Wednesday | 7-8:30pm

Kathleen & Andrew

Thursday | 6-8/7-9PM

*This semester we have scheduled off an hour of Pastor In's office hours for one-on-ones for those that would like to chat with him. We'll be releasing a doodle every month for you all to sign up. Doodle Sign Up

Transpo Times to Christ Central on Sundays

If you need a ride to CCPC, our Transpo Team provides transportation to and from church!

CKC      | 8:45AM | Horseshoe

Unit 3    | 8:50 AM| Durant Side 

Foothill | 8:55 AM| Hearst & Piedmont

Unit 1    | 9:00AM | Channing Side

Reminder: Church begins on 9:50am on Sundays, not 10AM.

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