FiCB Announcements for the Week of 02/06


February 6: Large Group @ 102 Moffit | 7:30PM

Come, but don't be late! ūüôā

February 7: Junior Class Outing @ Cafe Durant | 10AM

First outing of the semester! Calling all juniors to catch up with each other over breakfast!
Did I mention Cafe D's delicious breakfast burrito is filled with scrambled eggs, rice, beans, cheese with guacamole & sour cream on top served with home fries? Of course, there is more to
choose from….especially freshly-squeezed orange juice to brighten up your morning…YUM YUM YUM!!!

February 7: Officers-Sophomore Class Hangout @ Cafe Durant | 12PM

Calling all sophomores to come hangout with your AMAZING officers over lunch! Come fellowship! Have fun! Enjoy the good food!

February 7: Senior Class Prayer Meeting @ TBA | 5PM

Seniors! Be on the lookout for text message update/group chats from your fellow class reps for the location!

First prayer meeting of the semester!

February 8: Sophomore Class Prayer Meeting @ TBA |8PM*


Sophomores! Be on the lookout for updates from your class reps about the location and time!

February 8: CCPC's Cambodia Summer Missions Orientation @ CCPC |11:30AM

If anyone is interested in participating in the Cambodia Missions trip this upcoming summer, please attend the orientation this coming Sunday!

There will be more information about where the orientation is going to be held after sunday service!

COME & listen to all the great experiences your fellow brothers and sisters of CCPC had last summer!

February 20-21: Community Group Night | TBA

Get ready for a night/day of FUN, FELLOWSHIP, AND EXCITEMENT with your community group over hiking, biking, running, movies, slumber parties, and etc….

More information to come…

February 28: Brother's Appreciation Night @ CCPC | 5PM* 

Time to show some appreciation for our brothers in FiCB through a great night of food, fellowship, and fun!

More info to come!


FiSib: Fellowship in Siblings

Calling all underclassmen and upperclassmen to participate!

Sign Up!


If you are ready for the next step in your faith, contact Lynn Park at¬†[email protected]

Handy Dandy FYIs:

BYOB("Bring Your Own Bible")

If you have a break in between classes or just feel like hangin' out with these cool peeps to read the word together…JOIN THEM!

Paul Cho | MWF | 12PM  | Milano* 

Solomon Kim | TuTh | 10AM | Milano*

*locations may vary time to time. Please check FICB Says for updates.

Office Hours @Cafe Milano* & Sharon

Mondays | 3-5:00PM


Tuesday | 6-8:00PM


Wednesday | 7-8:30pm

Kathleen & Andrew

Thursday | 5-7:00PM

*This semester we have scheduled off an hour of Pastor In's office hours for one-on-ones for those that would like to chat with him. We'll be releasing a doodle every month for you all to sign up. Doodle Sign Up

Transpo Times to Christ Central on Sundays

If you need a ride to CCPC, our Transpo Team provides transportation to and from church!

CKC      | 8:45AM | Horseshoe

Unit 3    | 8:50 AM| Durant Side 

Foothill | 8:55 AM| Hearst & Piedmont

Unit 1    | 9:00AM | Channing Side

Reminder: Church begins on 9:50am on Sundays, not 10AM.

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