FICB Announcement for the week of 09/04

FiCB Weekly Announcements!!!

There is lots to cover, so bear with me…

 *Sorry if you're reading this email again! It seems the first version of this announcement was sent to SPAM in most people's inbox! If you're seeing this for the first time, please read on!

>>Welcome Night Fall 2014( "ALL FOR YOUR SAKE") this Fri, 9/5 from 6-9pm

Come check out our Fall 2014 Kickoff event! Eat some amazing BBQ! Chill with our members and find out why we may be a fellowship in which you can grow and mature in your faith! 

Our fall theme is " For it is all for your sake, so that as grace extends to more and more people it may increase thanksgiving, to the glory of God". 

(2 Corinthians 4:15)

  •  6:00-7:30pm | BBQ @ Campanile Esplanade                                          
  •  7:30-9:30pm | Welcome Message, Sermon, & Praise @ 101 Moffitt                                                        


CGs will start next week! If you haven't signed up for a small group but would like to join one (It's a lot of fun!), please reach out to either Pastor In, Sharon, Andrew, Jennifer, or Kathleen!

On a side note, if you have any feedback/comments/concerns/etc., please let us know:

Sign up for a Community Group if you have not done so!


Come table with your fellow members on Sproul! Enjoy yourself with others while representing our fellowship on campus!


                              >>Table! Table!<<


Formal and volunteer based fellowship. Sign up if you would either like to be a big sib and mentor an underclassmen or if you'd like to be a little sib and be a mentee. The commitment is real and the fellowship is real. 

                                         >>Sign Up<<


>> Charlie Brown

Join! Join! Join! It's not too late to sign up to join FICB'S premier IM FLAG FOOTBALL team at CAL! Compete against the toughest of all bunches! Challenge yourself!

If you are at all interested, please contact Sol at [email protected]. Once you express interest, you will be sent information on the specific logistics and practices as they arise (cost, practice times, etc.)…but, here are some few information:

WHEN: Wednesday nights



TIME: starting 6-7pm

HOW MUCH: $14-$20(depending on the # of players)

>> BYOB("Bring Your Own Bible")

If you have a break in between classes or just feel like hangin' out with these cool peeps to read the word together…JOIN THEM!

Paul Cho | MWF | 10AM | GBC*

Solomon Kim | TuTh | 10AM | GBC*

*locations may vary time to time. Please check FICB Says for updates.


>> Transpo Times to Christ Central on Sundays

If you need a ride to CCPC, our Transpo Team provides transportation to and from church!

CKC      | 8:45AM | Horseshoe

Unit 3    | 8:50 AM| Durant Side 

Foothill | 8:55 AM| Hearst & Piedmont

Unit 1    | 9:00AM | Channing Side

& if you miss transpo/can't find a ride, HIT up Sharon! Her digits are…(909)438-8441!


*** Reminder: Church begins on 9:50am on Sundays, not 10AM.



1) Welcome Night Fall 2014! 6:00pm @ Campanile & 7:30pm @ 101 Moffitt

2) Community Group Sign up now!

3)Charlie Brown (IM Flag Football) – Contact Solomon if interested. [email protected]

4) FiSib(Fellowship in Siblings) Sign up!

5) Bring your OWN Bible (BYOB)–MTWTHF @ 10-11AM | GOLDEN BEAR CAFE


7) Tabling on Sproul! Sign up!!!


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A ministry of Christ Central Presbyterian Church

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