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Hello Christ Central!
Here are some special items to spice up your mid-week mid-day…..
Mexico Short Term Missions Team Send-off: Thursday, July 3rd at 4:30AM at church. If you are available, please come to pray and send off our youth group and KCPC members as they make the 12+ hour drive South of the boarder. Please be in prayer for the team.
Cambodia Short Term Missions Team Send-off: Friday, July 4th at 9:30AM at church. (Early enough so you won't have to miss any 4th of July festivities!) Please come to pray with and send off our Cambodia STM team before they head to Cambodia for two weeks.
Teacher Recruitment: The Children's Ministry (Nursery-6th grade) is currently recruiting teachers for the 2014-15 academic year.  We are looking for volunteers willing to commit their time and service to teach our children the living Word.  If you are interested (even somewhat), please do not hesitate to come downstairs and check out our ministry.  You can "shadow" our current teachers, meet our students, and get a feel for what our ministry looks like on any given Sunday!
Please check out our video here: 
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