“School’s Out for Summer…”

And for others…“School’s out Foreva!” (Congratulations to the class of 2014)!

There are songs in our lives that takes us back. For me without fail, Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” was the official summer anthem during my high school years (now that takes me waaaayyy back). If you aren’t familiar of this timeless classic “Shame on you…Get your pencils, class is now in session!”

How can you not know Alice Cooper? “The Godfather of Shock Rock.” Back in the 70’s no one flaunted leather pants and eyeliner better than this guy (because no one dared to). Although I can’t prove it, he was arguably the first front man to incorporate boa constrictors and decapitated baby dolls during his live shows. It just proves that bands don’t perform like they used to these days.  alice500

(Alice Cooper isn’t just cool, he’s important)

But don’t be so quick to judge Alice Cooper. Even though our sweet mothers would attest that Mr. Cooper fits the quintessential face of ‘devil-music,’ his testimony tells us otherwise. Alice Cooper’s life is a self proclaimed ‘prodigal son’ story. Despite growing up in a Christian home (both his father and grandfather were evangelists), Alice Cooper led a path of self destruction. Think of all the rock’n roll clichés, I’m sure he’s done it all. And yet to hear Mr. Cooper say in a recent interview that “Jesus Christ saved my life about 20 times, helped me survive a million different things,” shows he is more in tune with the Lord than I am at times. Just as Alice Cooper recognized and received undeserved gift of Jesus Christ who is able to redeem and restore his life, that promise and power extends to me and you each day.

Alice Cooper knows, lives & breathes GRACE. Do you?

My charge to you FiCB – even though distance and time separates us during the summer break please remember – You’re never too far from God’s grip of grace. No matter how small our weaknesses, or how epic or failures, God’s abundant grace covers all with the perfect righteousness of His Son. Embrace the that truth in faith!  Brothers and Sisters if you do, therefore…

“Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” – Hebrews 4:16

Thanks for allowing me to indulge a little bit, I really do miss you all! Stay tuned for more blog-posts, updates and events for the Summer!

Class Dismissed! Your pastor (& ex-rocker) – P.In Kim

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