F i C B Announcements for week of April 9th!

Did you make a choice to be happy in Christ today?

As we get hit by the waves of midterms, it's easy to get stuck in the daily monotonous patterns of a college student. Having joy takes a backseat in our minds, and we get consumed by our drive to "success." 

Having joy is often times a conscious choice. Praying for joy isn't the end-all. God will place us in a situation where we can easily become joyless, but with the power of his Word and love, we have the ability to have joy in those seemingly joyless circumstances. 

Here's an awesome article that reminds us of this.

But for those of you who'd like a TL;DR (too lazy; didn't read), here are the main points:

How do we get unstuck when our joy is fractured? Or better yet, how do we avoid getting stuck in the first place?

First, remember that God is in control. He will not leave you, and he is not surprised by your struggles.

Second, pray for a heart that desires God’s glory, not your own. This is constantly the hardest but most rewarding step.

Third, prioritize your time. Do not let work get in the way of your devotion to Christ and family. Find creative ways to manage your time or destroy things that cut into serving God and those he’s put in your life. It’s worth it.

Now, here are your announcements, my beloveds! 

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>>NO  Large Group on Friday. It's CG night! 
We only have 2 more FiCB LG's left!
I hope all of you will have a blessed time with your community group! Remember to take lots of pictures & hastag #FiCBerkeley! 
>> Cambodia Summer Missions this Summer! 
It's not too late to be a part of God's hands and feet in the mission field! Email me even if you're slightly interested!! 
(MTW's Official Site)  www.plantingcambodia.com
(Online Application) http://tinyurl.com/ccpc-missions

>> TRANSPO to Christ Central this Sunday!!

We will have transportation to Christ Central in Daly City this upcoming Sunday! If you need a ride to Christ Central, our BEST (&only) Transpo Team  provides transportation to and from church! 
PLEASE don't forget to thank your drivers. Transportation is such a blessing that we have! 

Here are the pick up times! Please be on time 🙂
  • 8:50 AM @ Clark Kerr (Horseshoe)
  • 9:05 AM @ Foothill (La Loma)
  • 9:10 AM @ Unit 1 (Channing Side)
  • 8:50 AM @ Unit 3 (Durant Side)

**Priority will be given to freshmen & newcomers!!
If you have any questions about rides, contact Solomon Kim @  818.823.570one!

>> OFFICE HOURS Mon, Tues & Weds every week!
Drop by Cafe Milano (on Bancroft, next to Yogurtland) next week for our Officer Office Hours during these hours:
Monday: 3-5pm : Pastor In & Sharon
Tues: 6 – 8 pm 
(Tony & Terry)
Weds: 5 – 7pm
(Janice & Joan)
So…What the buns is Office Hours you ask?
It's a time and place that Pastor In and the officers open up for anyone and everyone to come and ask us about FiCB, our faith, do QT's, or just to study with us. We love company! 

In Christ, 

Janice Choi

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