FiCB Announcements for the week of March 17!

Thank you all who graced us with your prayers [and snacks] amidst our officer interviews this past weekend! We were truly encouraged and blessed to see and hear the hearts of the people in this fellowship. Please remain to keep in prayer for the upcoming officers! 
With Spring Break around the corner, remember to live out Pastor Harold's message of love (if you haven't heard it, then check back here in a few days to hear it) ! #John3:16alldayeveryday
Remember, you are so loved! Live it out! 
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>> NO LG this Friday, 3/21 
But we will be having an informal hangout that friday! Check FiCBsays (facebook group) towards the end of this week for more details! Game Night? down?

>> NO TRANSPO to Christ Central this Sunday!!

Since it is spring break, we will NOT be having transportation to CCPC this upcoming Sunday. Please contact available drivers if you plan to be in the area during spring break! 

>> OFFICE HOURS for this week!
Drop by Cafe Milano (on Bancroft, next to Yogurtland) THIS week and for the rest of the semester for our Officer Office Hours during these hours:
Tues: 6 – 8 pm 
(Tony & Terry)
Weds: 5 – 7pm
(Janice & Joan & Sharon)
So…What the buns is Office Hours you ask?
It's a time and place that Pastor In and the officers open up for anyone and everyone to come and ask us about FiCB, our faith, do QT's, or just to study with us. We love company! 
In Christ, 

Janice Choi

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