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Jambo! [JAM-bo] (Hello in Swahili!) 
sorry guys i'm starting to forget which languages I send out haha
Hope everyone's staying warm in this cold weather! 
FiCB, are becoming too convenient in our faith? I found myself guilty with things in the article, especially with the part about turning to bible apps on my phone.
Here's a tidbit from the article:
"But online, virtual community does not come close to fulfilling the same needs as genuine, face-to-face relationships. We may feel connected to those in our virtual worlds, but in reality all it takes is a power outage to cut the lines of communication and leave us stranded. The same is true of the information we absorb relating to our faith. Online articles (such as this one) can be extremely helpful, but they cannot and must not serve as a replacement for dedicated time spent in God’s presence or learning about Him through active relationship."

Have you spent time with God today? 

& On to our announcements!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 
>> Praise and Prayer Night this Friday @ 141 Giannini Hall- at 7:30 pm!
This is our last large group of the semester! What better way is there to end the semester by praising our awesome and faithful God? NONE. We will spend some time praying for our campus and for our fellowship. Come be recharged before we go into dead week and finals! 
Don't know where Giannini is? It's the most eastward building that is in the group of buildings east of VSLB circle. Still don't know? check here and click Giannini Hall!
>> TRANSPO to KCPC this Sunday!!

We will have transportation to KCPC in Daly City this upcoming Sunday! If you need a ride to KCPC, our BEST (&only) Tranpo Team  provides transportation to and from church! 

PLEASE don't forget to thank your drivers. Transportation is such a blessing that we have! 

Here are the pick up times! Please be on time 🙂
  • 8:50 AM @ Clark Kerr (Horseshoe)
  • 9:05 AM @ Foothill (La Loma)
  • 9:10 AM @ Unit 1 (Channing Side)
  • 8:50 AM @ Unit 3 (Durant Side)

**Priority will be given to freshmen! 
If you have any questions about rides, contact Tony Chang @ (818) 522-4814

Sign ups are over, but feel free to come watch! It'll be in Daly City. Come root for your FiCB team! 
>> NO OFFICE HOURS this week!
We will not have office hours until next semester, but feel free to contact any of the officers/ if you'd like to set up an appt with any of us or Pastor In! 
In Christ,
Janice Choi

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