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Merhaba! [mehr-hah-bah] (hello in Turkish!)

Do you question the dreams that God has given you and do you often want to give up? Here's an article that relates our God-given big dreams to the story of Joseph (Pastor Ben preached on a sermon similar to this article!). Check it out!


& On to our announcements!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 

>> NO Large Group tomorrow!  
We will be going to our Retreat site at Mt. Hermon tomorrow! See you all there! We will be having service at the site. BE PUMPED.

>> NO TRANSPO to KCPC this Sunday
There will be no transportation to KCPC this Sunday. If you cannot make it to retreat, please make sure that you honor the Sabbath with Sunday worship! 


EXCITED? I AM. If you do not know who is taking you to retreat, please refer to this fabulous transportation google doc made by SHARON LEE (pleeease make sure to thank her. This took a lot of time and effort on her part. We are so blessed by her <3) 


Come play football for our annual KCPC Charity Bowl! It's a great opportunity to be able to fellowship with our older brothers and sisters from KCPC AND it benefits a charity within the Bay Area. DOUBLE WHAMMY.
 If I can play (with little to no knowledge of the game), then you can as well! Contact Sharon Lee [email protected] if you want to play!

>> OFFICER OFFICE HOURS Tues & Weds every week!
Drop by Cafe Milano (on Bancroft, next to Yogurtland) this week and for the rest of the semester for our Officer Office Hours during these hours:
Tuesday: 5 – 7pm
(Sharon, Tony, & Joan)
Wednesday: 4 – 6 pm
(Janice & Terry)
So…What the buns is Office Hours you ask?
It's a time and place that the officers open up for anyone and everyone to come and ask us about FiCB, our faith, or just to study with us. We love company! 

In Christ,
Janice Choi

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