A Quick Post on Vocation & Calling.

A farmer once said, “The hardest thing about milking cows, is that they never stay milked.”

Let’s put this in your context, “The hardest thing about being a student, is that you never stop learning.”  Those of you who are in the thick of midterms, projects, problem sets, papers – the frustration is that it never really stops.  Even when you have finished one semester, there’s always next semester.  The reality even applies to many of us who are working. Kudos to you with 9-5 jobs, working 5 days a week, enduring 52 weeks in a year – this is probably your pattern in life for the next 40 years, Lord willing.  It’s a ride that keeps on running and you can’t raise your hand to get off.

But on a positive note, let’s look at it this way. If the cow stayed milked, then we’d be in a lot of trouble (Remember those “Got Milk” commercials?).


Or, if your studies ceased, or if all work was on a permanent hold there’s a lot of checks and balances that’ll slip through the cracks (i.e. can you imagine a life w/out Sushi? Common’ government!).  Aside from the stress and frustrations, there is a method to all this madness, and it begins with God’s simple design of work and vocation.

Believe it or not, work is God’s beauty and plan in creation (Read Genesis 1-3).  It’s how an extraordinary God works through ordinary means.  For example, just as we recite the Lord’s Prayer for our ‘daily bread,’ God gives us wheat to grow, to be processed, to be baked and distributed.  Its through the means of agriculture, technology and simple man-power that puts food on our table. We wouldn’t always think in those terms when we eat our meals (taking an Instagram first, of course), but that’s how God operates in his common grace.

“Vocation is a matter of Gospel, a manifestation of God’s action, not our own.  In this sense, vocation is not another burden placed upon us, something else to fail at, but a realm in which we can experience God’s love and grace, both in the blessings we receive from others and in the way God is working through us despite our failures.”  – Gene Edward Veith Jr.

FiCB – Know that your vocation as a student (or worker) is a blessing, not a curse.  It’s not an identity we create for ourselves, but an activity for the service of others.  Whether if you grow up to be a lawyer, doctor, musician, farmer, janitor or pastor we are called to serve and work for God’s kingdom.  Although, the work never stops we can rest and depend in the Lord’s work – as the Creator, Redeemer and Sustainer of all things!

Soli-Deo-Gloria friends (To God alone be the Glory)


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