Welcome to Welcome Week

! Happy Labor Day! 

A quick reminder that our Welcome Week has begun, which means that we need YOUR help as a fellowship to help table and spread the word!
We will be giving our FiCB tshirts for F R E E to those who sign up (and of course, show up) for 4 or more slots!! 
>> Tabling for Welcome Night! 
PLEASE help out with tabling! We need to reach as many new students for Welcome Night!!! 
Sign up HERE!!!!!! & GET YOUR FREE SHIRT! 

>> Welcome Night at 10 Evans on Sept 6th @ 6pm!
We will have FREE BBQ and games to kick start our Welcoming LG of the summer! We will meet at Faculty Glade, which is 4.0 hill, (click here to see a map) at 6pm! 

Bring yo friends, bring yo friends' friends, and your friends' friends' friends! 

&&Please continue to stay in prayer! 


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