Who is this King of Glory?

*Welcome Back FiCB and Happy First Day of School!*

Well…Whether or not you’re excited about the academic year starting up again, you can always find something refreshing about a new semester.  Clean slate.  Better expectations.  Higher goals.  New teachers and friends.  Or if you were like me, new books!

But what also comes with the territory in the new school year is getting asked the same old questions.  “How was your summer?” “Did you do anything exciting?” “Where are you living now?” “What’s you schedule like?”  And after the 120th time around, if you are like me your answers become exponentially shorter, unspecific, and a tad bit annoyed.  Or if you’re a more loving, charming and socially personable you’d happily share every detail over a cup of coffee! (To our visitors: I am kidding btw…)

We’re not too different FiCB. Tomorrow night kicks off our new season!  Personally, I also have new expectations, new goals, as well as new challenges and obstacles.  Even though my summer was anything but restful (Church, Missions to Cambodia, my car blowing up), it was refreshing to see the fabric of God’s faithfulness threaded and woven through every moment and in every person.  At specific times in Cambodia I had to stop, ask and wonder, “How much more amazing can you be God?”


And my prayer is that we would also marvel the same glorious God in FiCB this new year.

FiCB, our new theme is an old question:

Who is this King of Glory?

A reference in Psalm 24:8 King David’s question was not an expression of doubt, but rather a declaration of the better king that was (and is) to come, Jesus Christ!  Now, I want to address a more specific question, “Who is this King of Glory” to you?  It is the most important question you’ll have to reflect and answer in your life.  Knowing, believing and trusting in Jesus the King of Glory is the most pivotal, foundational and life-transforming power in your Christian walk!

This is my personal invitation to everyone of you, to come out to our fellowship, to ask, to know and to believe “Who is this King of Glory” this semester. (And I’m always willing to answer this question over a nice cup of coffee).

Anyway, it’s good to be back FiCB & I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!



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