FiCB Welcoming Week Announcements!

Happy first day of School! 

Olá  (that means "hello" in Portuguese!) 

Sorry for the late announcements, but here they are!!
>> First Fall Semester LG at 60 Evans @ 7:30pm!
Come seek His presence at our third Large Group of the summer! It'll be a great time of worship, fellowship, and seeing familiar faces. We'd love to see you come out! Please make an effort come on time! None of that Berkeley-time-lateness-aka-i'm-just-gonna-leave-the-house-at-7:30 shenanigans! 

>> Tabling for Welcome Night! 

PLEASE help out with tabling! We need to reach as many new students for Welcome Night!!! 
Sign up HERE!!!!!!

Fall community groups are starting and we need YOU to sign up!! —–> I WANT TO SIGN UP, YES!
We will be forming your community groups this SAT, so we need you to sign up asap!! thank you! 😀 We're excited! 

>> Transpo Times to our East Bay Worship Service this Sunday!
Usually we have service in Daly City at our KCPC church location, however with the closing of the Bay bridge this weekend, we are having our service in North Berkeley! For those of you living in the dorms, we have a special transportation bus that will take you to our sunday worship location! 

>>>>> Service starts at 1pm!!!
Christ's Church Berkeley
2138 Cedar St  Berkeley, CA 94709

Here are the transportation times: 
Clark [email protected] 12:15
Unit 1 Channing @ 12:30

**Priority will be given to newcoming freshmen! Upperclassmen, please ride the bus or find a ride! 

If you have any questions about rides, contact Tony Chang @ (818) 522-4814
>> Welcome Night at 10 Evans on Sept 6th @ 6pm!
We will have FREE BBQ and games to kick start our Welcoming LG of the summer! We will meet at Faculty Glade (click here to see a map) at 6pm! Please continue to stay in prayer! 
& visit our site:  !!
WAHOO! Yay for Fall Semester! 

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