FiCB Announcements for first week of JULY!

Hallo !!  (that means "hello" in Dutch!) 

Sorry for sending out the announcements so late, there's been a hiccup with the room reservations so these announcements were unfortunately delayed. I know some of you have been living in chaos without these announcements! Right? Anyways:

>> FiCB Fellowship (MOVIE NIGHT) this Fri, 7/5 @ 7:30 (Location TBA)
Due to the Berkeley room reservation page being down, it's been a bit of a struggle to find a room for our MOVIE NIGHT! We will be watching either Monsters Inc. or Despicable Me, in light of the sequel movies being released these past few weeks!! Please bring popcorn & drinks to share with everyone coming! I will post once more on FiCBsays or will shoot out another email to you folks!

>> Summer Small Groups!
YES, we have started our summer small groups this week, but if you haven't yet signed up & would like to, clickity click this link: TRALALA sign me up!

>> Bible Study with our summer SGs @11:30 this SUNDAYJune 30th
Please make your way down to the downstairs garage after lunch! We will be continuing our bible study with our small groups! 

>> Transpo Times to KCPC on SONdays tralala, get it? 

If you need a ride to KCPC, our Tranpo Team  provides transportation to and from church! 
For this summer, we have one pick-up location! 

9:10 @ Unit 1 Channing Side! 

Wahoo! Thanks for reading,
-Janice Choi

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