Back to the Basics

Greetings brothers and sisters of FiCB!  Can you believe it’s halfway through summer already?! (I can hear your grumblings right now).

Anyway since I am a glass ‘half-full’ kind of guy, I have plenty more weeks left to take advantage of my only free time of the year.  Aside from my big event of the summer (KCPC’s short term missions to Cambodia) my secondary goal was to pick up golf again.  It all started back in May with a spontaneous golf outing with Olyvia Kim, Jackie Wu, Esther Park and Peter Yan.


(Here’s a Picture)

I will not elaborate on the details but I will tell you that I came away embarrassed.  Remember friends, breaking 100 in golf is NOT like bowling. There’s no moral victory, but rather utter defeat.  It was on my drive back I promised myself that I will not shoot so poorly the next time around.  Fast forward a month later…

Recently I was invited out to play a round with Pastor Ryan and Pastor Ben. Both very seasoned golfers (because of their age and creaky knees) and both extremely patient and understanding.  From the first tee to the last hole I single handedly extended our tee time by another hour (got our money’s worth).  I’m pretty sure I used my 9 iron more as a rake than a club. So much for keeping my promise…


(18th hole: “The Lombard Street” of golf with your wonderful pastoral staff)

But on the bright side my golf session was not entirely a failure.  On the final hole Pastor Ben eventually took pity on me.  He took me aside and brought me back to the basics. We rehearsed the fundamentals starting with the grip, head position, ball placement and finally the swing.  First rule of thumb, every part must be in its proper place before any movement.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, these root principles are key to every golfer.  Just ask Jack Nicklaus

Nicknamed the “Golden Bear,” winner of 115 professional tournaments, 18 major championships,  5 time PGA Player of the Year from 1961-2005.  All this to say this dude knows how to golf.  But it was known that prior to every major event Jack Nicklaus took a week with his golf coach relearning and rehearsing the basics.  Even in his 44 years of playing professional golf, he intentionally took time and never strayed from the fundamentals. “Here’s a free lesson” <– Name that Golf Movie Quote below for a free lunch.

FiCB, how often do we need to relearn and rehearse the fundamentals of our own faith?  From the youngest believer to the “most seasoned” Christian, we always need to go back to the basics of the Gospel.  Like golf, we can be so caught up on the action and movement for the Lord, but how often do we acknowledge if our minds, hearts and hands are in its right place?  The Gospel helps us understand our position before our action.  The Gospel reminds us of our identity before our activity. The Gospel is not the ABC’s but it’s the A-Z’s.  The Gospel is simple enough for a child to understand and yet so comprehensive for each growing student.

This summer’s theme is: “Back to the Basics – Knowing the Christian Fundamentals of Faith” inspired by Kevin DeYoung’s book “Don’t Call it a Comeback: The Old Faith for a New Day.”  This book is a wonderful compilation that unpacks the core Christian doctrines, and its aim to know what we ought to believe and how it plays out in our daily lives.  More details and the vision at our First Large Group of the Summer!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all again, so please come out! Invite your friends and be refreshed with not just the basics, but rather the basis of our faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Blessings! P.InK.

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