FiCB Summer Small Groups Kickoff!

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Congratulations to all you for finishing your first/second/third/fourth year at UC Berkeley! We believe that our love & worship for God and our accountability with one another never stops, so we are planning to kick start our FiCB summer Small/Medium/Large Groups! 
What is a Medium Group, you ask? Whale whale whale , it's a combination of both Small & Large groups for those of you who are staying anytime from Late May to Session C. Therefore, it is a smaller and more intimate gathering of our brothers and sisters!
BUT FIRST in order to do that, we need a bit of info from everyone who's staying over the summer! 
We have 2 forms of accountability this summer:
1) for those who are staying anytime between late May – Session C!
2) for those who are staying from beginning and end of Session C!

So please fill it out as soon as you can! Here's the link again. Please sign up ASAP!

You'll be hearing a lot from me from now on! 

Janice, OUT.

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