Week of 3/17

Listserv Maintenance:

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NO Large Group on Friday, 3/22
Have a great Spring Break!

NO Lunch Duty on Sunday, 3/24 @ KCPC
Enjoy your Spring Break!

Senior Class Retreat on Friday-Sunday, 3/24-3/26
The Senior Class Retreat will be on March 24 to March 26! This is in the beginning of Spring Break! The seniors will be going to Tahoe this year! The cost last year was $60, so please expect the cost (not including sweaters to be around there). Though the RSVP is officially over, if you are still interested, please contact your class reps, James Won & Jackie Wu, as soon as possible!

NO Sunday Bible Study, 3/24
No Bible Study this Sunday!
NO Transpo to KCPC this Sunday, 3/24
If you need a ride, please post on FiCB Says, or ask a driver! If you cannot find a ride, please respond to this e-mail, and we'll see what we can do. 

NO Office Hours
No Office Hours this coming week as well!

Unified FiCB Feedback Form
Whether you really enjoyed something at Prayer Meeting, or if you thought something could have been better at Large Group, we want to hear from you! For ALL feedback about FiCB, please give us your input at http://www.ficb.org/feedback

In Him,
James Won

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