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Large Group on Friday, 3/15 @ 60 Evans @ 7:30pm
Information about Large Group here.

Lunch Duty on Sunday, 3/17 @ KCPC: James' SG & Christine's SG
This Sunday's lunch duty goes to… James' and Christine's SGs! Please head to the kitchen quietly during the closing prayer. Both SGs will work together on both shifts! Thank you for serving our church! 

KCPC Membership Class on Saturday, 3/16 @ KCPC @ 10am-2pm
Do you consider yourself a member of KCPC? We will be explaining what it means in detail and formalizing this privilege and responsibility. There will be one class every month until June, so please attend which ever one is most convenient for you. If you need help finding a ride, please reply as soon as possible!

Scholarship Bazaar on Saturday, 3/16 @ KCPC @ 10am-2pm
The KCPC Scholarship supports students who are in our church and in our local community! Join us in this fundraiser to enable future scholarships for students by coming out and purchasing food and other items

Officer Interviews on Saturday-Sunday, 3/16-3/17
Please continue to pray for the officer nominees as they go through interviews this weekend as well as for the officers, deacons, and Pastor In as they prayerfully consider next years officers!

Senior Class Retreat on Friday-Sunday, 3/24-3/26
The Senior Class Retreat will be on March 24 to March 26! This is in the beginning of Spring Break! Location is still in the works, but it is has traditionally been at Yosemite. The cost last year was $60, so please expect the cost (not including sweaters to be around there). Though the RSVP is officially over, if you are still interested, please contact your class reps, James Won & Jackie Wu, as soon as possible!

Sunday Bible Study, 3/17 @ KCPC Downstairs Garage @ 11:30am
Come join us for Bible Study after lunch in the downstairs Garage! 
Transpo to KCPC on Sundays
If you need a ride to church on Sundays, our Transpo team provides van rides to church! Here are the pick-up locations/times:

  • 8:40 AM @ Clark Kerr (Horseshoe)
  • 8:45 AM @ Foothill (La Loma)
  • 8:40 AM @ Unit 1 (Channing Side)
  • 8:35 AM @ Unit 3 (Durant Side)
Office Hours
If you have any questions about the ministry or just need someone to talk to, Pastor In, Martin, and the Officers are available to you!  All Office Hours will be held at Cafe Milano on Bancroft.

Pastor In: Mondays @ 2-3pm or by appointment!  He is free for lunch before his OH too!  Email inkman402[at]gmail
Deacon Martin: Mondays & Fridays @ 9-10:30am
Officers – Mondays 2-4pm; Wednesdays 4-6pm

FiCB Tabling on Every Thursday & Friday @ Upper Sproul
FiCB tables every Thursday and Friday to maintain a presence on campus, reach out to potential newcomers, and be a base for FiCB brothers and sisters between classes! Check out the tabling post on our Facebook Group, "FiCB Says", to sign up!

Unified FiCB Feedback Form
Whether you really enjoyed something at Prayer Meeting, or if you thought something could have been better at Large Group, we want to hear from you! For ALL feedback about FiCB, please give us your input at http://www.ficb.org/feedback

In Him,
James Won

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