Walk, Don’t Run!

“There’s NO shame in walking. It’s better to finish the race, than to fizzle out.” – Some dude writing a book about marathons.

Walk, Don’t Run – The Christian Life in Colossians

“Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, rooted and built-up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.” –  Colossians 2:6

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Premise: Since we are coming off last year’s theme “To the Ends of the Earth,” this Spring semester I thought we’d challenge ourselves with what the Christian Life looks like after the “Message.” Of course we ask this question all the time and depending on your circumstances we get different answers. We often desire our Christian lives to be a sprint – fast, exciting and easy, however on the contrary the scriptures describe it nothing like a thrilling run.  What is so unique about the book of Colossians is that it portrays the Christian Life midst a very anti-Christian atmosphere.  Paul’s response to the church does not bring new ideas, new changes or new perspectives.  However his main premise in the letter of Colossians is to recognize the supremacy of Christ, to persevere, and walk with Him.

Practically: The goal this semester is to finish the entire book of Colossians (4 chapters, within roughly 4 months from Jan-April). I hope to accomplish knowing a full book (similar to the summer when we went through Galatians), but also to apply it’s principles practically to our lives (touching on issues like alternative religions/spiritualities, topics of suffering and sovereignty, sanctification from sins, also knowing the purpose of the doctrine “In Christ Alone”).  Please read along (or ahead), jot down your questions, comments and “Ask the Pig” anything that pertains to our Christian walk!

Pray: Last semester, I think we didn’t get a chance to pray as much as a fellowship.  My desire this Spring is to incorporate more opportunities to pray for FiCB and each other. So here is my shameless plug for our first FiCB Wide Prayer Meeting TONIGHT!


Be There at Our First FiCB Wide Prayer Meeting @ 136 Barrows 8:30pm!


If you are not able to make it continue to pray for us, the theme, and the members in our fellowship!

Blessings FiCB!

PS – Stay tuned for our new “Reading the Christian Classics” series coming this week!
Please share if you have any Christian books that changed and inspired you! Post below if you have any suggestions/recommendations.

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