Week of 10/21


Large Group on Friday, 10/26 @ 2060 VLSB @ 7:30pm
Information about Large Group here.

Lunch Duty on Sunday, 10/28 @ KCPC: James's SG & Janet's SG
This week's lunch duty goes to James' and Janet's Small Groups! Thank you for serving and please head to the kitchen during the closing prayer after the sermon.

Sacrament Sunday, 10/28 @ KCPC
Please pray for our brothers and sisters who will be baptized or confirmed. Also, be in prayer as you prepare your hearts for communion, as we break bread together.

Sunday Bible Study, 10/28 @ KCPC Downstairs Garage @ 11:30am
Come join us for Bible Study after lunch in the downstairs Garage! 

Hallelujah Night on Wednesday, 10/31 @ KCPC
FiCB is responsible for putting on games and skits for the children for Hallelujah Night! Please ask your small group leader for more information.

Sophomore Retreat on Friday-Saturday, 11/2-11/3, 6:30pm SEND-OFF
Sophomores, please let your class reps know whether you can attend or not! Send-off will be before Large Group on 11/2. Please don't be late!
Transpo to KCPC on Sundays
If you need a ride to church on Sundays, our Transpo team provides van rides to church! Here are the pick-up locations/times:

  • 8:40 AM @ Clark Kerr (Horseshoe)
  • 8:45 AM @ Foothill (La Loma)
  • 8:40 AM @ Unit 1 (Channing Side)

  • 8:35 AM @ Unit 3 (Durant Side)
FiCB Tabling
We table on Sproul every Thursday and Friday 10am-2pm! Please sign-up for tabling at ficb.org/tabling. Your contribution is much appreciated!

Office Hours!
Pastor In: Mondays @ Cafe Milano 2-3pm (or by appointment)
(A time to personally talk to your pastor, ask him questions, and share)
Officers: Mondays 2-4pm; Tuesdays 4-6pm @ Cafe Milano
(Specifically dedicated for ministry related questions. Ex: Why is something like this? Why do we do this instead of this?)
Deacon Martin: Mondays 9-10am; Fridays 9-10am @ Cafe Milano

Unified FiCB Feedback Form
Whether you really enjoyed something at Prayer Meeting, or if you thought something could have been better at Large Group, we want to hear from you! For ALL feedback about FiCB, please give us your input at http://www.ficb.org/feedback

In Him,
James Won

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