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1) Transportation – we are LEAVING at 5pm.  That means BE AT YOUR PICK UP SPOT BY 4:45pm.  Drivers, check your passenger list so no one gets left behind. 
  • Transpo – meet at Unit 1 Channing Side.  
    • Contact: 
      • David (Lil D) Yoo 714-742-1804
      • Solomon Kim 818-577-9933
  • 5pm Cars – coordinate with your driver for pick up
    • Contact: 
      • Olyvia Kim 818-577-9933
      • Joanne Moon 562-279-4900
      • Dayoung Lee 818-288-2926
  • 7pm Late Cars – coordinate with your driver for pick up
    • Contact: 
      • Daniel Chung 310-738-0367
      • Ryan Kang 818-282-4798

2) Make sure you pack an extra blanket or warm clothes for night time.  Bedding will be provided, you bring everything else (sneakers, Bible, toiletries, etc).  Bring your check/cash for retreat if you haven't paid yet!

3) Dinner will be served at 7pm.  With current traffic, it will take close to 2 hours to get there.  Don't be late!!  
4) IF YOU HAVE ANY ISSUES/PROBLEMS, call Olyvia Kim (818) 577-9933

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