Greetings and Welcome & “Ask the Pig” #1.

Hello FiCB!

Thanks for visiting the ‘Pin It’ page!  This new feature on our website hopefully will be a useful resource for all FiCB students addressing mostly Christian topics, discussions and questions. Personally, I’m not much of a blogger however I will do my best to update your questions bi-weekly and give you some helpful answers and resources that may guide your own personal study pertaining to your Christian faith.  Please visit me frequently and ask a lot of questions…it get’s pretty lonely out in Daly City. (I kid…kinda).

Roughly three weeks ago we introduced another new element during our FiCB Friday Night Large Group called, “Ask the Pig.”  In brief, it was an opportunity for you to anonymously ask your personal questions and thoughts in light of our ‘topic’ question.  Because our Fall theme, “To the Ends of the Earth” (Isaiah 49:6) entails evangelism and missions, I decided to ask you, “What are your personal concerns/questions regarding Christian Evangelism on your campus?”  Initially I was probably expecting 10 memos (at first I didn’t give you students too much credit…proved me wrong) however to my surprise, I was astonished by the overwhelming responses!  As I surveyed each note, your questions, concerns and worries were more encouraging than discouraging.  It only affirmed that each of you were thinking, considering, or wrestling through the matter of evangelism very seriously (because it is indeed a very serious matter).  Nevertheless, I “Praise the Lord” for each of you in FiCB because we need every individual in this Body of Christ to reach out to the Berkeley community!

Anyway, now some of my personal thoughts…

Here is the survey that was posted during Large Group a few weeks ago.  Out of the 36 entries, it broke down like this:

#1 – Personal Concerns: “Fear/Rejection/Lack of Knowledge.” – 13.

#2 – Opportunities & Methods: “When is the right time? How to approach each other with the Gospel?” – 5.

#3 – Apologetics: “Arguments on Post-Modern Perspective (subjectivity), or Specific Concerns: Knowledge (science) v. Faith (religion), Creation v. Evolution.” – 5.

#4 – Variety/Choices: “Different Campus Ministry strategies & competition.” – 5.

#5 – Character: “One’s relational aspect, concerns with flaws/fallout, hypocrisy.” – 4.

#6 – Method/Approach: “Street Evangelism, or Personal Relationships?” – 2.

#7 – Miscellaneous: – 2.

It is clear that the majority of our reservations about evangelism is personal.  Whether if your concerns are from a ‘lack of knowledge,’ ‘fears of rejection,’ or even ‘hostile persecution,’ they are all legitimate worries that we all have when witnessing to anybody.  My encouragement to you is that evangelism is never easy.  This message may not sound very uplifting, however there’s plenty of good company who know how you feel.  Have you considered the first disciples and apostles who struggled and suffered for the sake of Christ’s Gospel?  Figures like Peter, Paul, Stephen, John the Baptist, Barnabas, among many others who were imprisoned, shipwrecked, put on trial, persecuted and died to make God’s salvation known to the ‘Ends of the Earth.’  One would ask, ‘what would possess these people to do such a thing?’  Simply, the answer is that they possess Jesus Christ!  These disciples and apostles were not ‘out of their mind’ to leave their jobs and comfortable living conditions, but for the sake of the ‘lost’ they had a greater kingdom purpose in mind.  Because if it wasn’t for Jesus, the Divine-Man descending from his heavenly throne to endure the suffering, the struggle and the death for sinful man on this earth we would not know the salvation offered to us today!  Salvation graciously extends to the ‘Ends of the Earth’ not only though distance from nation to nation, but also in duration from generation to generation.  Brothers and sisters in FiCB, the way to evangelize is to first put faith in Jesus Christ, the true and perfect Evangel and trust in His power that will reach to the ‘Ends of the Earth.’

Even though we primarily rely on the Holy Spirit’s power in evangelism, here are some secondary resources that will supplement our hearts and minds for Christian evangelism on your campus/classrooms/dorm-rooms. I own all of these books, so if you are interested in BORROWING them, I’d be happy to lend them to you.

On Evangelism:

Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

Evangelism Handbook

On Apologetics:

On Guard

A Reasonable Faith

Hard Questions, Real Answers

On Method:

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing your Christian Convictions

On Podcast: (Free on iTunes)

A Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig

I never intended to write this long of a post, but I hope you will excuse my first time around.  Next time I’ll warn you and put chapter breaks so you can get a breather.  All this to say, I’m looking forward to hearing from you as well as having a platform to respond to your thoughts and questions!
Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you around!
Blessings from the ‘Pig,’ (Another Question coming up @ Tomorrow’s Large Group [9/14])!
In Him,
P.In Kim.


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