I had the opportunity to talk to a Muslim man the other day as I was helping out with an outreach event sponsored by the church. and he said something along the lines of:

I think it’s really great that you guys believe in God. You know, all religions have the same goal, just different paths… and by if we believe in God, we don’t sin anymore and walk these different paths of righteousness. Just like you guys here doing good works for the community.

Hearing him say that made me realize, we as Christians are different. Christianity isn’t a “religion” like this man characterized. It’s a relationship. (cliché? I know, but bear with me) We’re not defined by these “works” that we do b.c we know that no matter how much or how hard we try, we can’t atone for our past sins and we know that its impossible to sin no more – that only through his infinite and unconditional grace were we chosen. And in response that grace and love, we cant help but to bless others through the blessings that he poured out on us. All we HAVE to do is believe.  We don’t HAVE to work, we want to.

Believe that he loves you; that he’s chosen you; that he’s taken it all for you; that he’s poured out HIS heavenly blessings upon you. and what more can we ask?

His love. Its amazing. and that doesn’t even scratch the surface.


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