Fellowship in Christ

Yesterday, I had the most awesome/spiritual/ intellectually
stimulating small group to date. And I wanted to commemorate that
moment here in this blog. YAY me. -_-

But yea seriously, I never realized how sometimes as a small group we
can get so caught up in the technicalities of scripture that we never
stop and ask each other how the word applies to our lives right now,
in the moment. What I mean is that yeah FiCB stresses the scripture
and fellowship. Which is really really awesome. And I agree those are
the most important things, but talking to my fellow small group guys,
we realized that small groups often tend to miss a certain side of
fellowship. Which is the emotional side of fellowship. We often
overlook not checking up on how we’re feeling, and what the scriptures
makes us feel personally because often times we are going through a
lot of hardships and what we read in the bible has the ability to
apply to us in different ways. basically, it’s hard for us guys to be
on the same page sometimes. Fellowship represents a dichotomy. There
must be an certain level of understanding into WHY we are
fellowshipping, but at the same time it’s hard to stem out of that
understanding and FEEL the love (especially with guys) in fellowship.

And basically, to achieve this, we realized we had to become more
vulnerable with each other.

It was really encouraging to see guys open up about their struggles
and hardships, and at the same time open up about how they were able
to cope with these struggles to eventually realize God’s steadfast,
consistent, persistent, undying love. We never realized that our very
own Christian brothers were going through so much crap, and to the
outside, it seemed like they were happy, and doing just fine. But on
the inside, they were going through things that we can’t even imagine,
things that we’ve never ever even experienced before.

This led to prayer, and a time of more personal testimonies.

So basically, I was really blessed.


I just realized the year’s coming to a close now. and i gotta bust my
ass for finals. But seriously, I will never forget those group of
guys, since most of them are seniors leaving :’(

Another really important observation we realized was the basic
dynamics of guys small groups. There are gonna be those times when
everything starts to become repetitive, and for guys, it’s hard to
connect on an ‘emotional,’ loving’ manner always. haha.
But it’s those times, that happen only once in a while, that come
around when we’re least expecting it, that really really make small
group meaningful and worth it. Besides all the fun fellowship and
stupid/fun stuff that guys do of course haha.

Man.. i just realized.. how much.. i suck at writing…

Good thing im a bio major :)

I remember we also talked about the reasons behind everything in the
fellowship. I’ll admit i kinda knocked out in the beginning of small
group (we had salad, and i learned first hand that leafy greens make
you sleepy. so embarrasing. never having salad at smallgroup again.
not to mention i’ve been averaging 5 hours of sleep a night, thats not
bad for a college student actually.. but it still sucks for me
personally. i should be more grateful. w/e) But i woke up to this
heated discussion (which i’m pretty sure was the reason why we as a
small group began to open up). (too. many. parenthesis).

We realized that not everyone in this fellowship is here for the same
reasons. to bluntly put it, not everyone in FiCB is there for God.
There are many other factors that tie in, like social reasons, to hang
out and have fun.. etc..

But then we concluded that we could have that kind of fun in different
organizations at Cal as well. Yes, there are groups out there at Cal
that do have more fun than FiCB… O_O. haha.

But the most distinguishing factor for this fellowship has to be God,
more specifically, God’s love, which should be pouring out  through
the members, through the leaders, and then eventually through the
newcomers. But apparently, this was a big problem for some of the guys
in the sg. Because honestly, they did not feel welcome, or they did
not feel this kind of love extending to them, but they felt like FiCB
was too exclusive and something that had to be earned, something that
they had to work for. To them Christianity and FiCB began to mean not
being able to hang out with their own friends outside of the
fellowship anymore, and being part of every inside joke that FiCB had
to offer.

But it shouldn’t be like that.

As part of a fellowship, we should personally take it upon ourselves
to show that we care, not out of obligation, or because we are part of
an ‘organization,’ but out of the genuineness of our hearts, because
God loves us so much that we can not contain this love that He has
given us. Ask a brother or sister that we normally don’t talk to in
FiCB about how they’re doing if they don’t look too spiffy. Let
yourself be made vulnerable during prayer meeting, large groups, and
small groups if you’re having difficulty with something. We need to
take ownership of this fellowship, and make it our own. But in
reality, that’s not always the case. Time limits us. Academics limits
us. Our very own personalities limit us.

That is why we need to ask ourselves, why are we in FiCB? What is the
purpose of us being here? Is it just to have fun? Or is it because we
are God’s chosen people, ready and willing to show each other what
true love is all about (which is through fellowship in Christ). OUR
VERY NAME reflects what we should be doing. and it’s hard sometimes i


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