Great Faith

So a friend in FiCB told me the story about Peter in Matthew 14:22-33 when Jesus walks on water.  From the water Jesus tells Peter to come and Peter, this man of great faith, goes out and walks on water!  I came out of POTCH weekend feeling like Peter.  I can’t even begin to explain how much I felt God’s presence in every thought I had, every thing I did, every interaction I engaged in this past week.  I was filled with joy knowing that God is so real, so true, so awesome and loving.  I felt like I could walk on water.  But I was afraid that my new, stronger, greater faith would disappear just as quickly as it had came.

Because when Peter sees the wind blowing and the waves crashing, he immediately begins to sink.  How can Peter, who probably has way more faith than I could ever have, doubt Jesus.  He was walking on water, for goodness sakes!  I’m afraid that when the wind starts blowing and the waves start crashing, I will begin to doubt and I will sink.  But Peter cries out such a humbling prayer, “Lord, save me!”  That is great faith in itself.  He doesn’t try to swim or float.  He doesn’t call out to the other disciples on the boat for help.  He cries out for Jesus, knowing Jesus is the only one that could save him.

So through that story my friend was telling me that that suffering will even come to those of great faith.  And so when it does, don’t doubt Jesus or lose faith.  Have great faith in times of great suffering and pray the same simple prayer that Peter had prayed that night 2000 years ago, “Lord, save me!”  It’s so comforting knowing that yes, you will go through hardships, sufferings, and moments of doubt, but that no matter what Jesus will save you.  All you need to do is ask.

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