do the real thing

When I think about all of the random memories I made last year in FiCB, I just have to smile. I remember eating curry in the garage at KCPC because it was too cold to eat outside. I remember watching The Time Traveler’s Wife with my small group after one of our first meetings. I remember Freshman Lock-in and Retreat and all of the fun games we played.  I remember singing at the top of my lungs in the van on the way to church. (Well, I still do that.) You get the point.

Today, I found my 2009-2010 small group folder filled with everything I learned about Romans last year. And then I realized.. that I don’t remember what I learned in sermon that day we had curry in the garage, or what I learned during that small group meeting, or what I learned at Lock-in and Retreat. I remembered reblogging this chart on tumblr today and it hit me. I need to be an active learner when it comes to learning about God and His word because it isn’t enough to just read it and jot down a few notes. I have to go beyond understanding the Word and actually go out and do what He asks me to do: love others like He loves me.

I know that I’m supposed to love like Jesus loves, but I rarely do it, which is why I constantly struggle with having too many expectations in others. I just hope that God will help me to do more than just read and reflect on His teachings because at this point in my life, I want to learn as much as I can and according to this chart.. that means I have to “do the real thing.”

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